Communication is king

21 Sep 2021

Dean Humphrey - Humphrey Homes HIA WA President 2022

With the current housing boom that we all find ourselves in, there’s been lots of talk about supply shortages, material constraints and delays in completion times, so what is the solution?

Owner/Director Dean Humphrey, who is also the HIA WA President, shares his thoughts on the current climate as part of a regular podcast he contributes to with HIA Executive Director Cath Hart called “Building WA”.

“Being HIA President and the owner of a local architect and building company, I am fortunate to see both sides of the equation of the WA market and what that means for our customers,” Dean said. 

“The main message to be shared is that communication is king. 

“Be on the front foot with your clients, talk to them and be realistic about solutions with absolute transparency and honesty. 

“We are all aware of the challenges of resources and trade availability.  

"The onus is on the builder to communicate with clients about what that means in terms of potential delays. 

“Going back just 10-12 months ago, the industry was quite flat with about 10,000 homes under construction. As a result of the federal and state building grants the current forecast is looking at around 21,000 homes so it’s a huge increase which is the main reason for the boom we find ourselves in.” 

While the current boom sees the existing labour challenges remain, there is added pressure with COVID-19, including delays and cost increases.   Some of these include huge price increases for steel and also global timber shortages (as a result of the Australian and US bushfires and timber plants being closed in Australia due to COVID-19). 

“What I am observing is that all builders are feeling the effects of these challenges which means clients at all levels will be too,” Dean said. 

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, however while we are in this current boom make sure we are all communicating with our clients so they know what to expect”. 

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