Joondanna Residence


Block size: 730 sqm
Duration of Building Contract: 14 months
Actual Build Time: 12 months

This Joondanna residence is a relaxed, single-storey family home that blends seamlessly with its suburban streetscape. Conceived as a beach-pavilion home, the layout is centred around a series of landscaped courtyards, generously granting each family member access to a garden area. This planning strategy enables abundant northern light to enter the house, while offering pleasant landscaped vistas throughout the house - with the added benefit of passively supervising children.

A gym and 2-car garage are located at the front of the home and provide a buffer for the private spaces beyond. The master bedroom opens onto a spectacular pool and spa area, offering a luxurious setting to enjoy Perth's fine weather. Custom-made cavity sliding doors throughout the home seamlessly slide away to fully expose the opening, ensuring unobstructed views to vegetation and landscaping.

A generous family hub occupies the heart of the home. The kitchen is complete with a scullery and cool room, while the spacious living and dining space open out to an external living area complete with a pizza oven, BBQ and wine fridge for entertaining. Raked ceilings lined with whitewashed timber unite these areas, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the family. With 3 additional bedrooms located at the rear of the home, this zoning subtlety divides the adult and child spaces while encouraging the family to congregate centrally.

The clients' request for hard flooring was met with a sophisticated combination of Blackbutt timber and honed travertine, combined with a crisp interior palette of white lacquered cabinetry, reconstituted marble and dark mosaic tiling. Feature materiality, such as the exfoliated stone façade, Moroccan limestone paving tiles and polished plaster entry wall, adds interest and vitality, while maintaining a contemporary yet neutral aesthetic that will suit the family for many years to come.

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