Architect and Builder benefits

What it means for you


Humphrey Homes is an architect and building company and our goal is to design and build homes that our clients love. Based in Cottesloe, we work all over Perth's western suburbs including Dalkeith, Peppermint Grove, Nedlands, Subiaco, Mosman Park, Floreat, City Beach and surrounds.

We design and build your home so that the process is seamless and enjoyable for you. It's for that reason we take a 360 degree approach and offer you the combined service of high-level architecture, interior design and building craftsmanship. There are numerous benefits to building with this collaborative, integrated approach, including:

  • speed and efficiency of design and building stage
  • cost effectiveness
  • easy management of changes during project
  • accountability for the project by a single company from start to finish, mitigating blame between the architect and builder
  • numerous phases run in parallel.

“Our business connects every one of the many links in the design and building chain … I believe that is our point of difference and is what ensures that seamless and enjoyable experience our clients love,”  Dean Humphrey, Director

Owner/Director Dean Humphrey and in-house Architect Helen Marchesani

Dean Humphrey (Owner/Director) and Helen Marchesani (In-house Architect)

By working with the combined services of an architect and a builder, the architectural and building phases can be planned right from the start of the project, streamlining processes and controlling costs, while Humphrey Homes remains accountable from start to finish.  This philosophy extends to the internal design and finishes of your home with an Interior Designer working with you to define your home's unique personality.

Working with a single team has many benefits - the builder is involved from the very start offering advice and suggestions on practical ways to keep costs down and resolve any construction details and potential issues. We can quickly integrate changes with minimal impact on timeframes and budget and our in-house estimator constantly reviews supplier purchase agreements to ensure our purchasing rates are as competitive as possible.  We don’t do ‘estimating-on-the-run’ or ‘cost-plus’ contracts - we believe in detailed estimating and scheduling to reduce the requirement for contingencies to virtually nil.

Having an architect, interior designer and builder under one roof at Humphrey Homes ensures the initial vision for your home is not compromised – from concept through to design, delivery and finalisation, the intended look and feel for your home is carried throughout the process, and a sense of seamlessness between interior and exterior spaces is achieved in each home.

Can we use our own architect?

We are happy to discuss with prospective clients about working with their own architect.  You will notice some homes on our website where we have helped clients complete this process very successfully.

Our in-house systems and procedures mean we can work with external architects, whether local, national or international. Once we bring your project into our Humphrey Homes’ systems it helps to ensure the same level of management and quality.

“ To me, architecture has always been about people.  I feel fortunate to have the opportunity and privilege to work with clients on their homes and help fulfil their dreams. The best outcome is always the result of a fruitful collaboration between client, architect and builder," Helen Marchesani