Our Services

As an architecture practice and a building company we make the process of designing and building seamless and efficient.

You have one company with their finger on the pulse from the start of design right through to completion. There is also no potential blaming between designer and builder - we remain accountable from start to finish. This has particular benefits for timeframes and budget, as we can juggle costs right from the design phase to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Having both architect and builder under the one roof from start to finish also means the initial vision for your home is not compromised.  The vision, feel and look we start out with is the same vision, feel and look we carry through the whole process.

Also, unlike the traditional process of having separate architect and builder, we are thinking of the best ways to build your home 'as we design it', not when the design is completed.  At Humphrey Homes everyone is encouraged to offer suggestions on our designs and building methods from the very first concepts, including our in-house draftsman, estimator and supervisors.  This gives the opportunity for all staff to become acquainted with the home and know it far more intimately before their turn comes to work on the home.