Having an in-house architect involved at the design stage brings an extra level of creativity and individuality to your home.

At Humphrey Homes, we want to help develop your vision and carry that through the design and construction phases. An architect-designed home caters to your individual needs, responding to your lifestyle and personal style, as well as capitalising on the location, climate and orientation of each home.

“I love being able to create something from the seed of an idea – sometimes the simplest idea can bend itself into something that just works … I love seeing an idea grow into a form or object and this be reflected in a client’s excited banter.” – Helen Marchesani, Principal Architect

As a registered Architect we answer those requirements while also providing context, adhering to local council codes and applying efficient design principles. At all times, we guide you through the concept phase, interpreting your needs and wants into a design that supports your lifestyle and creates desired aesthetic outcomes through considered materials palettes and a savvy usage of design concepts.

While creating beautiful homes requires passion, knowledge and experience, our inspiration comes in many forms and expressions for us at Humphrey Homes. What it’s based on, however, is a love of great design. Our principal design architect Helen Marchesani and managing director Dean Humphrey scour the globe for innovative ideas and inspiration. We love seeing what other architects are doing nationally and internationally, spotting the new ideas people are integrating into their designs, looking at the materials being used... we are continually tapping into a world of creativity.

At Humphrey Homes, we love innovation and simplicity. We also love creative applications of natural materials. To us, great architecture doesn’t necessarily mean ‘shiny’ or new. We believe in ‘honest’ architecture: designing spaces that not o­nly look great, but also perform a function.

In addition to our in-house design team, we work with trusted professionals to offer those finishing touches and complete the full experience of your new, bespoke home. We can introduce you to landscapers, home automation specialists and other experts to complete the overall style and design of your home to complement your lifestyle.

We are happy to discuss with prospective clients about working with their own architect. You will notice some homes on our website where we have helped clients complete this process very successfully. Our in-house systems and procedures mean we can work with external architects, whether local, national or international. Once we bring your project into our Humphrey Homes systems, the same level of management and quality is assured.

Humphrey Homes is a licensed Architectural Practice with the Architects Board of WA (ABWA) and an A+ member of the Architects Institute of Australia (AIA).