Humphrey Homes Pty Ltd is a licensed Architectural Practice with the Architects Board of WA (ABWA) and an A+ member of the Architects Institute of Australia (AIA).

Our Humphrey Homes architectural studio creates environments that answer lifestyle questions, solve environmental and site problems and make the most of your location, climate and orientation. We craft your physical environment into a home that will support your today and future-proof your tomorrow.

  • "Do you want to optimise views, capture the sun or ensure shade?
  • Have we optimised cross-ventilation, energy-efficiencies and cutting-edge technologies?
  • Does your home need to expand or contract for visiting family and friends?
  • Do you want multi-function spaces or rooms that blur the lines between inside and out?"

As a registered Architect we answer those requirements while also providing context, adhering to local council codes and applying efficient design principles. At all times, we guide you through the concept phase, interpreting your needs and wants into a design that supports your lifestyle, complements its location, takes advantage of its orientation and environment, plus creates desired aesthetic outcomes through considered materials palettes and a savvy usage of design concepts.

“I love being able to create something from the seed of an idea – sometimes the simplest idea can bend itself into something that just works. I love the contrast of form and texture, of soft and natural vs hard and sharp and the flow of one element into or against another. I love natural light! ....and being able to engage with the outdoors from every corner of a home. But mostly I love seeing an idea grow into a form or object object and this be reflected in a clients excited banter.” – Helen Marchesani, Principal Architect Humphrey Homes.