Interior & exterior design

It’s personality that brings a beautiful designed and built home to life, so it’s worth bringing in a professional to help inject your personality into your new spaces.

As an architect and builder, we always consider how you want your interior to feel and the flow you want between indoors and out. However, to bring your total indoor and outdoor experience to life, we have professionals we work with and recommend. Your interior and exterior should be considered at the design stage.

Our in-house Architect is experienced in working on interior selections and design considerations. Plus we have established relationships with experienced interior designers and stylists who can work with you on the overall style of your home, including integrating old and new furniture pieces, and sourcing large and smaller pieces for your new home.

As for the landscaping, that needs to be planned at an early stage. While we can design in mature trees and gardens, retaining walls, areas of paving, reticulations and locations of soakwells, etc, into your initial plans, we can introduce you to one of our trusted landscapers to work with you, and us, on creating your total indoor-outdoor experience.