Our inspiration

We look internationally and nationally for leading design thinking, materials palettes and lifestyle ideas. It’s this inspiration that helps us deliver what you want and need for your lifestyle.

While creating beautiful homes requires passion, knowledge and experience, our inspiration comes in many forms and expressions for us at Humphrey Homes. What it’s based in, however, is a love of great design. Our principal design architect Helen Marchesani and managing director Dean Humphrey scour the globe for innovative ideas and inspiration. We love seeing what other architects are doing nationally and internationally, spotting the new (and recycled) ideas people are integrating into their designs, looking at the materials being used... we are continually tapping into a world of creativity.

At Humphrey Homes, we love innovation and simplicity. We also love creative applications of natural materials. To us, great architecture doesn’t necessarily mean ‘shiny’ or new. We believe in ‘honest’ architecture: designing spaces that not only look great, but also perform a function. We prefer real, not faux.

Our managing director Dean Humphrey has always had a strong interest in architecture, and it’s this passion and understanding of design that saw him guide his company to become not only a builder, but also an architectural studio. He knew that becoming a licenced architectural practice would mean having access to information and resources not otherwise available to non-architects. Dean also travels internationally to major design shows in Germany, the US and other locations throughout Europe. Here, he’s met some of the world’s leading architects and been exposed to leading design philosophies, not to mention buildings that are examples of best-thinking in home design.

At Humphrey Homes, we are also inspired by our clients. We encourage you to bring your design ideas to the table: clippings of designs, material palettes and ideas. Of course, we also have on hand an extensive library of design books and magazines that you are welcome to. During the design phase of your home, we pull together all our combined experience, knowledge and inspiration to ensure your home is a reflection of you – creatively and practically!