Humphrey Homes works across your architectural and building needs from the start. This ensures best outcomes across all aspects of your home (look, feel and functionality), plus build timeframes, budget and quality. The success of our builds comes down to our approach (see below).

Our Foundation

Every good building needs a good foundation. Our foundation comprises quality craftsmanship, innovation, a transparent working relationship and a desire to create a great experience. We have been working in the Perth luxury home market for almost 20 years and our founder Dean Humphrey judges Perth’s award-winning homes, so we understand what it takes to build a quality home. In fact, we are one of Perth’s most awarded custom builders. However, we don’t see that as a trophy-cabinet filler. We see that as a win for our clients who today live in quality homes that will stand the test of time, as well as their lifestyle demands. It’s also a goal for our trades and suppliers, who work with us to produce those homes. Ultimately, we know that to create a luxury home – which is a home tailored to your needs and wants, and built to quality standards – we must all work together. Quality is not just about the right skills, it’s an attitude, so we look for that in all our team members and trades.

Quality Craftsmanship

We work with trusted trades. With almost 30 years in the building industry, we have a strong team of people who share our work ethic and commitment to quality.


Dean Humphrey is passionate about building, and just as passionate about sourcing the latest building methods, most cost-effective materials and most innovative design concepts. He travels internationally and throughout Australia in search of the latest and greatest, driven by his love for quality and finding new ideas, products and materials for Humphrey Homes clients.

Transparent Working Relationship

We put in place a supervisor/project manager who liaises between architect, builder and the trades. This person is across the design, scheduling, budget, invoicing and all other elements in the construction phase. So, you will be kept up-to-date on everything happening on the building site, from being invited to meetings to all decisions made at the site. You will also have access to this person for any concerns or updates at any time. It’s this level of supervision and project management that we feel is necessary for our build quality and your piece of mind.

Positive Experience

We want building your new home to be as enjoyable as possible. In fact, our KPI in this goal is very simple - sharing a glass of champagne with you at the successful completion of your home. So far, we have a 100% success rate. To continue that success, we have put in place a strong team structure and system. Here’s our promise to you:

  • Sourcing & negotiating: Our inhouse estimator and director are constantly reviewing supplier purchase agreements to ensure our purchasing rates are as competive as possible. Humphrey Homes is also a founding member of Wesbuilders building co-op which has over 100 builder members.  Information shared between co-op members helps us stay aware of material and subcontractor costs.
  • Estimating & scheduling: Having a full time inhouse estimator means that we get to understand our buildings in detail.  We do not outsource this critical stage like many builders do.  Our customised estimating software ensures that we calculate the cost of our buildings accurately, using our own preferred building methods, systems and costs. We don’t do ‘estimating-on-the-run’ or ‘cost-plus’ contracts. We believe in detailed estimating and scheduling to reduce the requirement for contingencies to virtually nil.
  • Updating & monitoring: If your situation (or mind) has changed on a design element, material or selection, we can quickly help integrate that change with minimal impact on timeframes and budget. We work with detailed plans and project management systems to ensure we are flexible enough to manage your build process in a way that will make you feel comfortable and allow us to build a quality home on time and budget.