Project management

Efficient project management is absolutely imperative to ensuring the design and building process is completed in the fastest reasonable timeframe. We have developed a project management system that leaves little room for error.

A major benefit of working with Humphrey Homes is our ability to plan both the architectural and building phases right from the start. It streamlines the process, ensures your budget can be managed efficiently and ensures the best timeline is achieved. This can mean significant savings in time and money. Dean is proud of his company’s track record in this area with many homes being built in significantly less timeframe than agreed, and puts it down to his company’s in-house project management system.

Good project management starts with being aware of every task that needs to occur to achieve a given goal. As the architect and builder, Humphrey Homes has an in-depth understanding of how the building will be constructed; an understanding of the various timeframes, including council approvals; a knowledge of how materials perform; and experience in the construction methods to be incorporated.

This is what we consider:

  • What decisions are required around that task (eg material selections)?
  • Who is responsible for it?
  • What needs to happen before the task can start?
  • What can be happening in parallel (as opposed to end-on-end)?
  • How long should the task take?
  • Where is the ‘critical path’ in the process?

There are hundreds of tasks required to design and build a custom home. Not being mindful of that means guaranteed delays. At Humphrey Homes, we think managing our projects efficiently is as much fun as creating them.