Interior Designer Joie Stevenson: a visual storyteller

9 Apr 2018

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Have you considered an interior designer for your new home?  There are many benefits in opting to include that service and today we find out what they are as we chat to Humphrey Homes’ Interior Designer Joie Stevenson.

Cohesive look and feel

Interior designers are essentially visual storytellers and when they work closely with an architect it allows them to elevate your home to another level of sophistication, professionalism and style. Often the home is defined by its architecture and the opportunity to extend the architecture into interior styling and function means one integrated and seamless aesthetic. 

Being able to collaborate with creative and design professionals from literally day one of your new home journey means there is better synergy from the outset.  There is no room for error as everyone is working to a common goal.   That close partnership then extends into the finished result which means a more refined identify can be built into the very fabric of your new home. 

Saves money

It might sound strange, but adding this service to your design and building team certainly pays off in the long run.   Having a united team of professionals create your new home – from concept to completion – means a new level of efficiency, quality and budget control. 

Better cohesion means a shared vision which means no costly mistakes or “do-overs”.

Furthermore, a good interior designer will help you make a great choice the first time, so you won’t be wasting time or money with any costly mistakes.  They are trained to add value to your home by delivering a creative vision that speaks to both the architecture and your personality.

The element of surprise

In this industry, it is often said that people don’t like surprises but in the case of interior design, the surprises are thankfully good ones!  Because they are trained to think outside of the box, their job is to help you achieve exciting moments within your home, often presenting ideas to you that may have not even entered your consciousness.  Interior designers think aesthetically as well as spatially so their ideas are not only integrated but innovative too.

No hassle, total freedom

Interior designers have an enviable little black book full of contacts that often are not publicly available.   They have solid relationships with suppliers, artists, wholesalers and trades.  What that means is a more seamless process in terms of finding and delivering on what you love.

Even better is that the interior designer will do the research and the running around which means you don’t need to.  They live and breathe this creative process everyday, are very hands-on and love the challenge of creating a home that effortlessly defines your personality and aesthetic.   

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This story appeared in The West Australian New Homes liftout on April 7, 2018.

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