Kindness is contagious - North Cott Splash 'n' Dash

18 Mar 2020

Time for some good news to balance out the COVID-19 news because kindness is also contagious!

Even though this year's North Cott Splash 'n' Dash event has been cancelled, we're happily donating 100% of our sponsorship funds to the event because it means that the kids at North Cott Primary School can continue to receive literacy and STEM programs and melanomaWA also has funding to carry out its important work.

Helping each other is what community is all about right now.

We've been the major sponsor of the North Cott Splash 'n' Dash since it started in 2016 and love the energy, joy and camaraderie it brings to our community.

The event is returning in 2021 and you can learn more here or read more about our community involvement here.