City Beach Residence


Block size: 793 sqm
Duration of Building Contract: 16 months
Actual Build Time: 16 months

The design brief for this City Beach residence called for every room to enjoy outdoors connectivity while maintaining functionality and privacy.

By positioning the terraced garden to the front and using the extreme gradient of the site, the residence overlooks the outdoors from a deliberate height and as you traverse the home you are aware of the view, while still being protected from the street.

Humphrey Homes’ in-house architect Helen Marchesani said the home’s design purposely spoke to the site. She explains, “Stacking the home’s forms up the terraced site plays on the tiered nature of the architecture.” 

“As such, the home enjoys a full appreciation of the view to the west including ocean glimpses and while it is very open to the street, it still maintains privacy from the cars below.

“The aesthetics of this home reinforce its permeability.  The strong, solid walls screen the neighbours and protect the outdoors living from overlooking adjacent properties."

The two-level 4 bedroom home with an under-croft garage features a myriad of integrated living options on the lower floor sited around a large outdoor sanctuary complete with pool. Upstairs, the parent’s retreat and sitting room boasts large west facing windows to maximise the view yet is tempered by louvered screening for ventilation and privacy control.

“This is a family home with areas zoned to allow quiet passive space on the upper floor and active, busy areas elsewhere,” Ms Marchesani said.

Internally there is a very strong visual connection with a bold and dramatic stairwell dynamically connecting all areas.

This contemporary residence is built for a family and offers the best in flexibility and functionality in a beachside setting to make the most of its location.

We cannot thank Humphrey Homes enough for the level of interest they have all shown in our home. The sharing of ideas, quality of work and attention to detail on even the smallest items has been so positive and we are delighted with the result!
Louise and Steve, City Beach