Cottesloe Residence



This classic coastal Cottesloe home with a twist is in keeping with how the owners like to live and befitting of its relaxed beachside location.

The private 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom residence spans two levels and as you traverse the home you see that it becomes a series of light-filled cooling pavilions under high 3.5m ceilings that extend out to the garden and the pool.

The home breathes from front to back with ventilation pathways and visual connectivity spanning the length of the home, reminiscent of a classic Queenslander but with a modern, contemporary edge.

Designed and built by Humphrey Homes, this is not your typical beach house.  It is relaxation re-imagined – both in aesthetics and function.

The elevation offers a classic proportion to the street with fresh, streamlined window boxes that are purposely unadorned.  The white weatherboards, window shutters, bi-fold doors and a sunshade arbour in the alfresco complete the aesthetic. 

This is a home tailor made for multi-generational and progressive living with the lower floor operating as the main living and entertaining zone with primary accommodation sited here.

Just off the entry, is the master suite which is an indulgent retreat that offers both privacy and maintains connectivity when needed.

You can see the entire home from this private space with sweeping vistas across the garden and to the pool via hi-lite windows and enjoy quiet contemplation inside the box seat windows.

The upper floor acts completely independent, allowing guests to come and go as they wish, including via private access.

Humphrey Homes in-house architect Helen Marchesani said the upper floor has been designed to be “house within a house” with 123sqm of private living space.

“This is not a traditional home; it offers permutation as to how the owners best like to live with many components being non-conforming and yet delivering total liveability in a unique way.

The guest wing at the rear feeds into the multi-generational living requirement, as do the split garages which were designed with one at the front and the second within the rear at the laneway access.

“This is a 15m wide block and we wanted to experience its full appreciation so the decision to split the garages means the design is not dominated by parking and the private access enjoys another level of independence.

Designed and built using advanced timber framing techniques, this is a home that effortlessly combines function, design and aesthetics to deliver relaxation at its very core.

This type of timber framing has been developed over many years and ensures the home is as air tight as possible.  As a result, the home is more comfortable to live in and enjoys significantly lower heating and cooling costs.  The air tightness also assists with ambient noise making it quieter than most homes.