Dalkeith Residence


Block size: 1012 sqm
Duration of Building Contract: 16 months
Actual Build Time: 14 months

Custom designed and built for a young family, this contemporary single level bungalow offers an understated yet elegant sanctuary that draws the outdoors in.   Designed by Humphrey Homes, it has a 470sqm footprint and comprises 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms as well as a number of retreat spaces for the parents and children including an activity zone, workshop, gym and study.

From the home's weighty front entry piers, to its generous front pivot door and 3.6m high ceilings, the home has an undoubtedly relaxed and inviting presence.  The master bedroom, situated at the front of the home, contains full-height windows that afford pleasant views to the front garden and a private courtyard.  The nearby home theatre contains a striking double-sided fireplace finished in darkened polished plaster - a truly innovative feature that adds a sense of weight and tactility to the otherwise light colour scheme.

At the heart of the home is a galley-style kitchen and scullery connected with a voluminous living and dining area.  This space is flooded with warm Northern light via stacker doors and highlight windows, which also serve to link the indoor and outdoor living spaces.  Complete with an integrated BBQ, the outdoor alfresco allows the family to delight in their backyard and pool, offering an appealing setting to unwind or entertain.

In-house architect Helen Marchesani said it was important that the design had a strong visual connection throughout.

"There is a purposeful visual permeability from the master suite at the front of the home to the children's wing at the rear,” Helen said.

“The central communal area connects the two zones and the entire space is dominated by windows and an abundance of northern light," Helen said.

Custom cavity sliding doors provide effective acoustic separation to the rear of the home, where the children's rooms, bathroom, playroom and home gym are contained. 

The home shows a thoughtful approach to storage solutions including a custom bag drop area, seat and bookshelf for the children.  There is also a drying room just off the laundry and the garage loft has a pull-down ladder and separate workshop tucked neatly behind the garage.  There is also a dedicated area for boat or car storage which has been built into the rear lane using a double gate for easy access.

This Dalkeith residence demonstrates a clear consideration of the family's lifestyle, living practices and aesthetic tastes.  It's striking detailing, neutral material palette and contemporary style serve to stand the test of time, providing a sense of longevity and presence as the family grows. 


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