North Beach Residence

Building by Humphrey Homes

Actual Build Time: 22 months

This ultra-modern home has been architecturally designed to maximise northern light and views over the ocean, allowing the owners to delight in their coastal setting. An elegant roof motif in the form of ‘inverted eaves’ heralds the corner form of the house. This bold aesthetic expression is also echoed over the master ensuite, providing a sense of continuity to the exterior.

The entry and approach to the house runs alongside the swimming pool, which has been incorporated into a striking water feature. A stunning entry void lined with indoor plants invites natural light, while the use of full-height glazing at ground level unites interior and exterior spaces to create a sense of spaciousness.

Upstairs, an internal highlight window forms a light well artery, which allows for northern light to penetrate into the deeper parts of the house, as well as providing architectural interest. Large expanses of full-height glazing draw focus to the ocean views, with the use of neutral finishes such as travertine and timber, fusing harmoniously with the tones of the coastal landscape beyond.

Architecture by Architype Design Studio