Swanbourne Residence

Architecture and building by Humphrey Homes

Block size: 633 SQM
Duration of Building Contract: 14 months
Actual Build Time: 11 months

This is a design that speaks volumes in its deliberate introverted simplicity yet still hints at elements of playfulness.    Custom built in just 11 months for a couple looking to downsize, it has all the spoils of indulgence effortlessly delivered in an understated language.

Designed by Humphrey Homes in-house design team, led by Helen Marchesani, the 3x2 home plays with light, orientation and elegance to deliver a subtle and discreet residence that has relaxation at its core.

The design is considerate and respectful to its historic streetscape but still bold and strong enough to sit proudly apart.

“This is a modern home with a fresh, beachside pavilion feel that speaks to its environment yet also has a thoughtful point of difference.

“The façade has a lot of strength and is not apologetic in its simplicity.

The contrasting stained dark timber on the primarily white elevation purposely drags you indoors and once inside you still feel a strong connection to the outside.

“This home purposely speaks to the outdoors with expanses of glass, high vaulted ceilings and textural materials to communicate directly to the garden and pool.

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This is not our first build of a new home but it is certainly intended to be our last and it is a great note on which to have finished. The whole experience from start to finish has been both stress-free and exciting. We were looking for a simple but interesting home designed specifically for our needs and interests and were keen to have high quality finish and low maintenance. That has most certainly been delivered and we are delighted with the end result. The innovative way in which architect Helen Marchesani achieved a wonderful indoor-outdoor flow is one of the features we enjoy most and that also lends itself well to entertaining with larger numbers of guests. While the design and build were underway, we moved to live in Yallingup. This presented no problem as the Humphrey Homes team kept communication excellent throughout. Importantly, we established a high level of confidence in the interior design advice from Joie Stevenson (and not only because of her excellent surname) and that eased much of the decision-making process. We were highly impressed as Joie was always ready to go that extra proactive step when her active mind saw something even better than that which we had already agreed was satisfactory. Building supervisor and master juggler, Frank Petruzio, was on the ball all the time and we were left with a comfortable feeling throughout. No building project goes without a few extra challenges or surprises. What makes the difference between one builder and another is the reaction when something unforeseen does crop up. We were never disappointed in the responses we received from Dean and everyone in the team. Dean Humphrey and his excellent team delivered as promised on the contract and we would have no hesitation in recommending Humphrey Homes to anyone looking for a great building experience. Bob and Ann Stevenson, Swanbourne