Floreat Residence

Architecture and building by Humphrey Homes.

Duration of Design Stage: 5 months
Actual Build Time: 12 months

Designed to showcase the client’s extensive art collection, this Floreat residence is a timeless and comfortable bespoke home offering secluded private areas and open spaces for living and entertaining. The spacious and light-filled home is ambient and inviting, acting as a retreat for the clients and their visitors alike.

An entry hall lined with artwork provides an introduction to the home. The large, open living area doubles as a gallery space to exhibit the owner’s extensive collection of paintings and sculptural works. With 3.6m high ceilings, specialist lighting, bespoke picture rails, detailing and displays have been carefully incorporated into the design and structure of the building and draw focus to these pieces. To complement the collection, the subtle materiality of the remaining space forms a sophisticated and neutral backdrop.

A large window in the living area offers views to the lap pool, the surface of the water appearing as a continuation of the interior floor plane. Glimpses of the pool and garden are also visible from the private spaces, creating a visual connection to the outdoors, while drawing focus to the full extent of the site boundaries. With the house arranged around this outdoor space, large cavity doors separate the living and sleeping zones, providing spatial and acoustic privacy.

The efficiency, level of detailing and value for money by having our architecture and building all done by Humphrey Homes has been outstanding.
P & L Kralert, Floreat

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