A love for creating beautiful spaces

26 Apr 2022

Humphrey Homes Mosman Park architect-designed residence

Creating beautiful and cohesive spaces within a home is an art form – an art form that Humphrey Homes Interior Designer Joie Stevenson strives to perfect for each client.

Ms Stevenson remembers being interested in art and design from a young age, saying it was almost inevitable that she became an interior designer.

“I think it was a natural progression into interiors, as I love creating beautiful spaces,” she said.

Starting her career down south in Albany, Ms Stevenson was able to refine her craft against the backdrops of picturesque South West towns.
“I worked in residential building with a large rural building company,” she said. “It was an amazing experience building in stunning locations from Albany to Esperance.”

Collaborating with everyone from the architect to the clients, Ms Stevenson said her role as an interior designer was to highlight the build with materials and textures that reflected the homeowner’s style.

She said she acted as the link between the construction team and the vision the clients were after.

“I am a conduit between our vision for the clients, our clients and the construction team,” Ms Stevenson said. “I try to capture the essence of our clients’ personalities and their lifestyle to inform the aesthetic and design of the home.”

Working with the Humphrey Homes team is an important part of delivering a completed interior and exterior that fits the client’s brief, according to Ms Stevenson.

“I work closely with our architect Helen Marchesani and we collaborate on each home, so the final house is a true reflection of the initial design concept,” she said.

“Hopefully, if I have done my job, all of the interior design’s selections, materials and influences support and elevate the architecture.”

While Ms Stevenson has worked on numerous projects she is proud of, there are a couple that standout in her mind.

“There have been a few over the years – Johnston Street in Mosman Park is a favourite of mine, as well as a gorgeous white weatherboard home on Broome Street, Cottesloe that we finished last year and our display home in Swanbourne,” she said.

Since becoming an interior designer, Ms Stevenson said it wasn’t just the industry which had improved but everything that made the industry what it was – from the materials used to the passion from the people who undertook the work.

“Everything has improved – materials, technology, the speed of specifying, as well as the quality of most fixtures and finishes, and the passion within our industry,” she said.

Ms Stevenson noted some of the textures and materials providing inspiration recently, which she hoped to use in upcoming projects.
“Layers of textual materials, mild black steel, draping linen, custom oak joinery, chalky stonework and warm powdery walls to create calm and inviting interiors,” she said.

Offering simple tips for those looking at venturing into the world of interior design, Ms Stevenson said to work hard, play hard and travel far.

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This story first appeared in The West Australian's New Homes liftout on April 23, 2022.