Welcome to Humphrey Homes. Thank you for taking the time to visit. 

As a Perth architect and builder, we specialise in the architecture, building, project management and interior design of custom-built homes. By integrating both design and construction under one roof, Humphrey Homes provides a unique, holistic approach to luxury home building. With one team taking you from concept to completion, you realise your vision with unrivalled efficiency, construction quality and budget control.

Our approach makes the process seamless and enjoyable, and has proven to be a great success with many satisfied clients. 

We are committed to ensuring reliability, consistency and transparency in our projects and in our working relationships, delivering innovative bespoke homes which are recognised for their considered architecture and building excellence.

Our architectural focus is on creating a design you will love (as opposed to designs we can show off to our peers). 

As you’ll see on our project page, we do not have standard designs or design ‘themes’ for our homes. We start with a blank canvas and an open mind. We listen carefully to what you want and take the time to understand your vision for your lifestyle, family and budget. 

We then use our experience and expertise to interpret these ideas before translating them, initially, into ‘hand drawn’ sketches on butcher’s paper. Our first designs always start in a very raw and organic form allowing full input and collaboration from you throughout the creative process, from conceptual designs through to the completed plans.

In the traditional process, it is not uncommon to have architectural plans fully designed and completed only to have an estimate done by a separate builder to realise the budget has been significantly blown. The process then starts again, with redesigning, re-estimating and the associated time delays and costs that go along with the back and forth process. 

At Humphrey Homes there is no blaming between architect and builder, simply because at Humphrey Homes the architect and builder are on the same team, working on your design together from day one.

Our team work collaboratively from the start of design to end of construction, ensuring every one of the many potential gaps in communication are avoided and filled.

If you're considering building, we'd be delighted to explain more in person.